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Liberty Fest 2014

July 3rd, 4th & 5th

Presale Tickets are available until Tuesday July 2nd, $50 at the Gate

Get your Liberty Fest 2014 tickets for $40 (Limited Amount)

 Presale Tickets Available at:

Old School Pizza - 12 E. 4th St., Williamsport, PA

Online Tickets Available till July 1st. (Link in top left corner)

Early Bird July 3rd $55

Thursday July 3rd

Early Bird Special $55

Lump Gravy – 9:00pm

Royal Benson – 11:00pm


Friday July 4th

Tyler  Spooner – 2:00pm

Wut Wut ?! – 3:00pm

Eye On Attraction – 4:00pm

Family Vacation – 5:00pm

We’re not a Cult – 6:00 pm

44 Mag – 7:00 pm

Observe The 93rd – 8:30pm

 Jimkata  10:00 pm

Still Hand String Band 12:00am

Backwoods Experiment   1:30am

DreamCatcher  & Wrexor 12:30 am



Saturday July 5th

Gray Valley – 12:30pm

Daniel Miles and Happy Hour 1:30pm

Audiobox- 2:30pm

Quimby Mountain Band 3:30pm

Sean Farley 4:30pm

Maitland 5:30pm

Turbine 6:30pm

King Tivoli 7:30pm

Moxie & Rebel – 8:30pm

Willie Jack & The Northern Light 10:00pm

Duck Duck Goose 12:00am

Native Maze – 1:30pm

Psyentz & DJ Cryptic 12:30 am


Activities & Workshops


Astronomy Hour

Nature Walks/Scavanger Hunt

Kid Activities, Crafts, & Workshops.

Drum Circles with Ken Demilio

Follow our directions carefully it may be tricky to find!!!


Who's Excited for Liberty Fest 2014?!

       We would like to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for making the past 3 Liberty Fest a success. We look forward to watching it bloom with all of you. Be sure to share your stories of the land and the good times with all. We will see you all soon. Liberty Fest Crew








Photos by AC Photography 2012

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2014 Line up


Quimby Mountain Band


King Trivoli

Family Vacation

Observe the 93rd

 Royal Benson

Moxie & Rebel

Willie Jack & The Northern Light

Backwoods Experiment

Still Hand String Band

Daniel Miles & Happy Hour

Eye On Attraction

Tyler Spooner

Sean Farley


Native Maze

Duck Duck Goose

44 Mag



DJ Cryptic


Wat Wat!!

Audio Box


We are not a cult

Gray Valley

Lumpy Gravy




Liberty Fest 2014
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